I’ll try to add my book to this blog…arrghh

Writing books seems easy for me.  Putting it up so others can read it is a lot harder…  Here is the book summary:

My book is called:  Sacred Space by Young Kim available on lulu.com

“I wrote this book to add to the incredible stories of people who have seen the other side of the veil. I wanted to share in my own words some of the eternal knowings I gained. Such as: love does not arise from life, but rather life arises out of love. Love is the breath inside each and every one of us. It makes us who we are. We were molded out of love and came to Earth to experience what it is like to be human. God created, or rather BECAME, the Universe to answer the question, “Who am I?” and to engage Himself in the ultimate theater or musical. I wanted to share what I learned when I merged with Source and understood the reasons for everything, including all of our sufferings and setbacks. I understood the nature of the polarity of existence (how you cannot understand joy without despair, patience without frustration, etc.). This world was created for our benefit, so that we can grow our love and eventually return to the Creator. I hope some will find my words peaceful and useful in their lives.”

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Testing testing

I haven’t published to my blog in a long time.  But I wrote a couple of new books regarding my near death experience in a car accident many years ago.  It showed me 100% (at least to me), that there is an afterlife that we all go to.  I’ll try to place a link so that someone can download the ebook or hardcover version.

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How to Get Off Seroquel and Klonopin Part Two

I think that Klonopin and Seroquel are just as bad as Heroin and other illegal “downer” drugs.  Although I do not personal experience with the latter, all my research tells me that the legal drugs have just as serious side effects and withdrawal symptoms as the illegal drugs.  I do so wish that Society would start educating the public instead of just pushing more and more drugs on unsuspecting people.

Coming off of those legal drugs ARE possible, but it is a very difficult endeavor.  If you are considering starting the anti anxiety and insomnia drugs, please don’t.  As we discussed, there is always a price to pay for everything.  The nice sleep you feel now will be replaced by the inability to sleep later.  In fact, I guarantee that that the insomnia you experience later will be ten times worse than what you are experiencing now.  One of the serious problems with the sleep aids like Klonopin, Ambien, or Seroquel is that your body builds tolerance to the medications.  That means you have to continue to increase the dosages.  The great fear is that the higher dosages stop working.

Of course, I do not wish anyone to endure insomnia if there is so kind of organic problem that forces a medical solution.  However, for the vast majority of cases, I highly recommend a non-medical approach.

Sleep is a very natural thing.  It is only the stresses of modern Society that has brought insomnia to the masses.  And the easy availability of powerful prescription sleep aids has made millions of unsuspecting Americans slaves to the drug companies.

It is so important to realize how serious this is.  How seriously do you take your recovery?  It will be very difficult, but I think it is so critical to first recognize that you are being made into a drug addict by the very people you think you trust, like your doctor and the pharmaceutical companies.

As we discussed, it is important to first recognize that you have a serious problem with legal drugs.  Accept that you are going to have to endure some degree of pain coming off of them.  Then, if you choose, you should begin a SLOW weaning process, where you slowly allow your body to adjust to less and less of the drug over time.  The important thing is to go slow and be very strict about following a schedule.  In other words, if you are cutting the doses every week by half, it is important to not go backward if insomnia comes back and start taking more of the drug.  Going without sleep is not dangerous to your body, and you WILL have to endure some sleepless nights.  This is normal.

Good sleep hygiene is very important.  You should learn relaxation techniques and develop a solid sleep schedule.  Go to bed at the same time every night, and don’t use your bed for surfing the Internet or for watching television.  Don’t use alcohol to induce sleep.  It interferes with the quality of sleep and you will wake up even more tired than without the alcohol.  Taking a warm shower really helped me.  Eating some foods like those high in tryptophan REALLY helped me.

Taking a weaker supplement is always a good idea as you are cutting down the dosages of the sleep aid you are trying to come off.  Benadryl, Melatonin, Valerian Root, Chamomile Tea, and other natural sleep aids are just a few of the myriads of help out there.  There are so many other natural alternatives, like acupuncture and aromatherapy and massage therapy.

Try some exercise a few hours before bedtime.  That also did wonders for me.

Also, going on different websites of people who also suffered from insomnia is very helpful because you get different ideas about what worked for other people.  In addition, by visiting other websites, you feel better about the fact that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  Feeling that you are suffering alone with insomnia just aggravates the insomnia and the anxiety you experience when you are approaching bedtime.

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How to Get Off Seroquel and Clonazepam Part One

A few people have been asking me about this and I think that for most people using psychoactive drugs are probably a very bad idea.  During my anxiety, depression, and insomnia, I was put on all sorts of anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications.  After the experience, I strongly advise against them except for the most extreme circumstances.   For one thing, they are so physically and mentally addictive.  If you have been following this blog, I am all about finding peace and freedom. Being addicted to medications robs you of peace and freedom.

When you are addicted to medications, you lose a lot of your peace of mind.  For myself, it mostly made me unable to function.  Yes, they do work for sleep and periodic anxiety, but only for SYMPTOMS, not for the underlying causes.  For example, during very stressful periods, like when I was in a job where I found my anxiety driving me nuts, I could not fall asleep readily.  So a visit to my doctor, who was double boarded in Internal Medicine and Psychiatry resulted in my being given Clonazepm (Klonopin) and then Seroquel for sleep.

Going on medications is very deceptive.  At first, it does help with sleep very well.  In fact, at the time, I thought it was a godsend.  I slept like a baby and felt so relaxed.  But I later realized it only resulted in my symptoms being glossed over.  It did not result in any problems being solved.  I was only putting a band-aid on the problem.  After a short while, I became hopelessly addicted to the sleep aids.  So much so that I felt so much anxiety at the thought of not being without the medications.  Whenever I would go to sleep, I would instinctively reach for the medications as if my very life depended on them.

After a time though, my sleep problems only became worse.  When I switched doctors and had to go without the medications, I found myself in sheer agony.  I found horrible withdrawal symptoms like rebound anxiety and intense insomnia.  In fact, the It was then that I found out that the drugs were worse than I could have imagined.  I could not sleep for days and my anxiety went through the roof.

I realized that the big pharmaceutical companies were in fact the biggest drug dealers of them all.  I found out later that those “legal” drugs were in fact more addictive than the illegal drugs.  And because the drugs hide themselves behind “legality”, it makes them so much more dangerous.  People who become addicted do not think of themselves as drug addicts, even though they are.  And innocent people do not think of the side effects like dependency and withdrawal.  The withdrawal symptoms were so utterly painful and I felt as if I truly had entered hell on earth.

I think the first thing to do when addicted to those supposed anxiety busted drugs are to first remove whatever it is in your life that is causing you the anxiety.  If it is your job, it is paramount to realize that if your job is so stressful that it is causing you to lose sleep, it is more important to quit that job BEFORE you think about medications.  If it is your relationship, it is time to leave that relationship BEFORE you think about medications.

Medications are in my opinion a very last resort…

Big drug companies (and many doctors) unfortunately want you to stay addicted because it means so much money for them.  They have no desire to see you come off the medications.

First, it is critical to WEAN yourself off the medications once you find yourself addicted to them.  Going cold turkey (quitting the meds suddenly) is a very bad idea.  You need to cut the dosages slowly bit by bit.  If sleep is your problem, you can use another less powerful medication to wean yourself off.

If you are on a high dose of Seroquel or Klonopin for sleep (for example), you can start on a schedule of cutting the pills into smaller doses over time.  On top of that, you can “piggyback” a weaker sleep aid like Trazadone or Benadryl.  You can supplement that with good sleep hygiene, and a good exercise regimen.  More on this later…

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Chapter 15 Equanimity and Peace: Fighting Boredom: Using the Internet, Find Someone Online to Flirt With to Watching Zombie Movies…

Chapter 15    Equanimity and Peace: Fighting Boredom:  Using the Internet, Find Someone Online to Flirt With to Watching Zombie Movies…


When combating boredom, you must realize that you are not feeling “sexy” or “fun” inside.  A perfect solution is hop onto dating sites like okcupid,com or plentyoffish.com.  I take care to say two things here.  Don’t do this if you are already dating someone.  Not good.  But if you are single, it is a great way to fantasize and have some fun.  Especially if you are a female.  Most of these dating sites are 80% male to 20% female.  So if you are a female, the world really is your oyster.  Put up a perfect mysterious sexy picture of yourself, preferably a “MySpace” pose. 


Answer the dating questions in a short, succinct, and most importantly FUNNY way, and let the boredom-busting games begin.  When I was single, I wrote the funniest answers I could think of when prompted.  For example, to the question which asked, “What is something you would reveal about yourself?”, I answered, “On my last visit to the doctor, I asked for a “penis reduction surgery” (an outrageous but funny reply).  When I started communicating with girls, I always made them laugh and told them funny stories.


It was a great way to combat boredom…  Have fun with this…


Since anything that utilizes your creative juices crushes boredom, sit back and make a list of your favorite jobs and try to figure out how you will achieve them.  Be specific.  Just engaging in this fantasy will do great things to mitigate your boredom.  You may just find a new challenge that you will indeed undertake that will change your life.  Be specific on how you will achieve new goals on potential new jobs.  Just squeezing creative juices will automatically stomp out depression and boredom. 


If you are dragging yourself out of work, if you dread Monday mornings, it is time to reevaluate your working life.  Taking this time while you are bored to reconsider new jobs will go a long way to combat temporary boredom.  Remember boredom, by definition, is temporary.  It WILL pass, you just have to block it as much as you can so it does not engulf you, because if boredom gets too overwhelming, you will find yourself in anxiety and depression.  Always keep in mind of this fact.


Also, choose either a funny or scary movie to watch that you can download for free on the many file sharing sites.  Want proof?  Try being bored while you are laughing out loud or if you are scared out of your mind.  Impossible on both counts… Watching a movie like “Anchorman” and seeing Ron Burgundy’s slip ups or watching a very horrifying movie like the American version of “The Ring” and seeing Samara crawling out of the television set will stomp out any feelings of boredom that come your way.


In conclusion, when bored, your mind is “thirty” for stimulation.  Know you have CONTROL over this.  Like almost all things in life, you can do something about your suffering.  What works for some days will differ on other days.  Keep this short manual handy on a rainy boring day.





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Chapter 14 Equanimity and Peace “When Combating Boredom, Be Dangerous, not Reckless”


Using my own life as an example, battling boredom often involves taking a careful inventory of my life and engaging in “new” things that may be a little “dangerous”, but not reckless.  Especially if shared with a loved one, doing things that are new, interesting, and slightly dangerous will keep the boredom out and the love for life alive. 


Reckless actions should be avoided because even if they spice things up, they may get you in trouble with the law, which is definitely not fun.  But what about riding bicycles or go-karts in the dark?  How about swimming in a friend’s pool after dark?  What about hopping onto your local city’s underground train station with a friend without a destination in mind?  There are so many unseen experiences to be found right where you are living, if you are willing to change things up a bit and try a new destination point.  As while you do this, always awaken the kid or college student inside you.  Kids and younger people notice so many new simpler things in life and this makes them so very excited.  The problem with getting older for many people is the familiar expression “Been there, done that”.  They fall into routines and because they get tired after the end of day, they stop using their imagination and trying new experiences that may be right in front of them.  Don’t you have an amusement park close by?  Wouldn’t it be amazing to put on a “child’s hat” and go and experience all the wonders of a roller coaster or a carousel ride all over again?  Check in your local newspaper and see when the “The Blue Man Group” comes back in town.  Or what about Cirque de Soleil? How about an Opera?  Be a Tourist in your own town.  Let your imagination run wild.  If you cannot find the time to travel outside your city, be a tourist right in your own city.


How about pulling out the old CDs in your storage area and putting on your Sony Mega Bass headphones and reliving the old memorizes that will be pulled up as the chords erupt out into your ears?  You are given such a precious existence in this life that you only live once.  Don’t make any excuses for putting off the glory and fun surrounding so many unturned stones.  Better yet, write down and research so many of the top songs that were playing during your favorite past times of your life like in college and look them up on Youtube.com.  You can attach a visual to your favorite music and enjoy that even more.  One more thing to combat boredom.  


Think of an awesome prank to do to a loved one or your cat.  Make sure the prank is not a painful one, but just imagining a funny thing to do will be a great exercise to combat your periods of feeling boredom.  Try Youtube.com for great ideas on funny pranks to do with to your friends.  Also, pretend you are a dinosaur like a Velociraptor and stalk out your dog or cat.  The key is to find things that are playful and bring out the kid in you.


Also, since we often spoke about how boredom is an “inner soul thing”, if you find yourself bored, go and visit your local church/synagogue/ashram/mosque and speak to God and revisit your inner spirituality.  Close to my own house, there is a church St. John Brebeuf that has a 24 hour prayer room.  Often, when I feel bored and need to reconnect my spirits with God, I hop on my bicycle, even if it is late at night, and pay God a visit.


Finally, without being too obnoxious, you can go and troll on a blog where the participants are thinking deluded and improper thoughts.  When some people were raging about the end of the world based on the Mayan calendar this year, I put a cap on my boredom for hours trolling the message boards and making fun of their rationales and their plans to build an underground shelter.  Shaking things up against tyranny and plain stupidity is a great way to release inner boredom.  But don’t be mean… well not TOO mean.

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Chapter 13 Remember Always that Boredom is a Choice



If you are bored, and we have addressed this topic before in previous chapters, you have to be able to try many different things until the boredom disappears from you.  First and foremost, endeavor to do something different.  Look at your current routine and figure out what is really boring you.  If you always say did something indoors like exercising, work the workout outdoors for a change of scenery. 


As we discussed, television and the Internet can paradoxically cause even more boredom.  However, you have to realize that your body is built for “movement”.  If you are not doing anything physical, then the heart and blood are not pumping and there is a dearth of endogenous epinephrine and endorphins running through your body.  Turn off that television and do outdoors.  Ride a bike, hike a nature trail.


Maybe the problem is that your mind is not stimulated.  Watching television is often too passive of an endeavor.  Rather, pick up a good book that engages your imagination.  If the book is so thoroughly engaging, you may not even feel the time pass. 


Try to get say a half hour to a one hour block of “private time”.  In this time, make sure you are going to do whatever you want unrelated to your regular day.  Many times, boredom is caused by a static environment.  Do something you were putting off for a long time.  Go downstairs and clean the basement.  Go and clean up your attic and crawlspace.  Redecorate or rearrange your room and furniture. 


Unless they are forced to sit in a classroom and read boring stories or recite their multiplication tables, kids are a good source of things you can do to spark your imagination and lift you away from boredom.  When you were a child or when you see children in the park, do they look bored?  Take a cue from the little ones and use your imagination.  Follow your kids (or your sibling’s kids) and make believe and go to the backyard and sit on a swing. 


Much of what EXTENDS boredom is not being to do what you REALLY want to do.  That can range from the short term to long term things.  Short term, maybe you do not want to watch that rerun of your old comedy.  Maybe you need to go to the hobby store and buy a paintbrush and watercolor board and make a painting of your house. 


Also, studies have shown that much of boredom results from being alone.  It is really hard to feel “bored” when surrounded by interesting people who share the same interests you do.  Join any and all organizations that have similar interests as you.  Maybe it is a book club where you can share you last favorite book.  Maybe you need to go to a website like meetup.com and find friends that share in your interests like battles in World War II.  Maybe you need to join a chess club or a cycling group or a skateboarding group. 


Make a list of chores you need to accomplish that does two things.  First, it will put off your boredom and also make you feel PRODUCTIVE by finishing the “to do” things around your house.  Maybe your car needs to be washed. 


Finally, take some time to add new challenges.  If the emotion of boredom comes again and again, it means that you have periods of time that do not activate the creative centers of your brain.  Write a list of new mental and physical stimulating things you can do right in your house or outside like starting a new garden. 

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