I think the country is headed into a deep financial depression…

I don’t want to be a “doom and gloomer”, but please consider that we are nearly hitting the 20 TRILLION debt ceiling.  It is going to be a giant mess.  I think I will write a book on it.  The more that people wake up to the reality that the U.S. government and the politicians brought us to the brink of financial collapse, the sooner that each of us can take measures to protect our wealth.  (Hint: Buy physical precious metals like gold and silver, buy food and hard assets, store water, and pay down all of your debts as much as you can.  You may have to downsize wherever you can).

Why did Trump win?  If the situation with unemployment at record lows is the entire picture, the democrats would have won easily.  However, it is the STANDARD OF LIVING which has gone down steadily over the past twenty years.

The Federal Reserve which has created money out of thin air has merely given the top .5% all of the wealth and it has not trickled down to the rest of us.  Zero interest rates has impoverished those who have saved all of their lives to try to have a comfortable retirement, and destroys all of the savers.

Asset prices rise, and guess who owns most of the assets which rise in such an artificially low interest rate environment?  The top .5%…



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